What Is Microblading?

Also known as feather strokes, eyebrow embroidery, hair strokes, etc. is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that uses a small blade and pigments to create individual hair strokes. 

How Long Does It Last?

Microblading pigments last 1-3 years in the skin depending on skin type and oil production. Other factors such as heavy sun exposure, exfoliating treatments, resurfacing creams, and certain medications can affect fading of the brow tattoo. I suggest that my clients get their brows touched up once a year to keep their brows looking fresh and on point!

Post Procedure And After Care

  • Your brows will be dark the day after the procedure, this is totally normal! It will take a couple of days for them to lighten up but note that they will be lightening by 40%.
  • No sweating for 72 hours after procedure.
  • Keep the brow area covered with a thin layer of coconut oil for 7-10 days after procedure. This will keep them from excessive peeling and pulling out the pigment.
  • Keep your new brows as dry as possible while showering and washing your face for 7 days after the procedure. No saunas, swimming, steams, etc.